Lunch And Be taught: Laptop Chips. At Kodiak we’ve a weekly, elective… | by David Silver | Self-Driving Automobiles



At Kodiak we’ve a weekly, elective assembly referred to as Lunch & Be taught, the place any individual within the firm talks about one thing they know nicely.

Often the subject is expounded to, however not strictly part of, Kodiak and autonomous trucking. And, normally, the format is for the session chief to play a video and add some feedback. That’s so much simpler than developing with an hour-long lecture from scratch.

This week, we discovered about silicon chips, together with why chips have been briefly provide in automotive business.

We watched a sequence of movies, together with this video by TechAltar: “Why making chips is so onerous.”

The video highlights 5 areas required for chips:

  1. Instruction Set Structure
  2. Chip Design
  3. Fabrication
  4. Tools & Software program
  5. Packaging

Of these, fabrication looks like the toughest, because of the huge capital investments required for fabrication tools.

The entire video is nice and price a watch.

A bonus query any individual requested in our session, that isn’t addressed by the video: why are silicon wafers spherical?

Reply: silicon ingots are shaped by the Czochralski methodology, which mainly entails melting an ingot and letting it unfold out from the middle. This leads to spherical wafers.