10 Things Men Secretly Want From A Woman, But Rarely Are They Asked

What do men really want? Since women have always been classified as emotionally complex with their feelings and needs, men seem much simpler and less enigmatic. Agree? Certainly not! Just because men are shy or fearful when talking about their desires and emotions doesn’t mean they don’t have them. 

The truth is, they rarely discuss these things not only with women but also with their friends. Showing vulnerability and being genuine about their feelings is not easy for men, but little by little they are learning to do it. And while they do, we still have to figure out what they want. Here are 10 things men secretly want from women, but rarely ask for.

Men want romance

Yes, we are not the only ones to melt in front of a beautiful romantic gesture, the boys also adore them! But because our culture and our society have decided what is “manly” and what is “youthful”, boys generally end up on the side that gives things. If you want to deepen the bond with your boyfriend, think of the most romantic thing and do it! Whether it’s a date on the deck or stargazing, you’ll definitely appreciate the effort

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