Veteran Stars You Thought Were Long Gone but Are Not Even Planning Their Retirement



The Alfred Hitchhock film The Birds was the one that made Tippi Hedren a Hollywood star. The gorgeous American actress, who is currently 89-years-old, also excelled in her modeling career. She appeared on many magazine front covers including Glamour and Life magazines. The fashion model is a proud Jules Verne award winner and also palmed in a Golden Globe for her performance in 1963 film The Birds.

In 2016, Tippi published an autobiography titled Tippi; A Memoir. The autobiography was co-written with her novelist friend, Lindsay Harrison. She didn’t slow down and at 88-years of age Tippi was made Gucci’s official face of their timepiece jewelry. She even appeared in their ad campaign. Tippin is not only a beautiful face, but she is also currently an animal rights activist too.